Residential Roofing

                                            Installing or replacing a roofing system on your home is a BIG decision that requires much planning and education. Whether your old roof is simply worn out or was totaled by a recent storm, choosing a new roof is a very important day for your home, and requires a roofing professional to educate you on all the various aspects of a project like this.


                                            Materials: Roofs can be made of asphalt, wood, slate, metal, concrete, or clay.

                                            Costs: The cost to replace your roof is dependent on the size, complexity, and products used for the job. We advise you on the best roof to meet both your short and long term needs. Decisions made here can help you plan for what to expect in the future.

                                            Home Value: On average, your residential roof makes up 45% of the visible appearance of your home. Because of this, a roof should not only keep the weather out of your home, but it is also a major design feature of your home. When picking a shingle color, the home’s exterior walls, siding, trim, guttering, and shutters should all be considered.

                                            Everything In-between: We believe in installing new roofing systems on homes, it’s more than just new shingles. We install high quality, residential roofing systems that include synthetic underlayment, Ice and water shield barriers, ventilation products, and specialized hip and ridge products. We paint all the pipes on the roof to match the shingles. To give the roof a uniform look. Our highly skilled crews work together to ensure that your worksite will be efficient, productive, and clean throughout the process.

                                            Not sure if you need a repair or replacement? Contact us for a free inspection and estimate.

                                            Roofscapes Exteriors, LLC is certified, insured, and trained.

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